Continuous Sealer    

Any heat sealable materials can be sealed e.g.: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC Films, Aluminum Foils and Polyester pouches Continuos sealer increase productivity for continuos round the clock operations it is portable light weights requires very little space. Continuos sealer to seal packs with a perfectly air tight required by almost all industries such as Food, Confectioneries, chemicals, powder cakes, candle, seeds, grains, electronic parts, components, sanitary packaging, pharmaceuticals etc.

Continous Sealer
14 Kgs
Speed (mm)
4000 per minute
230V - 500W Single phase
Sealing width
3mm, 5mm available
Adjustable from 8'' to 16"
Electronic control
Size (mm)
355L x 295W x 525H

Cap sealer  

Available to seal plug jar lid of LDPE jar / Bottles / Jerry Cans Aluminum foil etc. Heater Dia - upto 150 mm, Height Adjustable upto 40 to 300 mm operation is simple hand operated, out put maximum per hour depends on size shape of container and skill of labour

Cap Sealer
Features :

Maintenance is very simple

Thermostat to adjust according to the thickness of plastic containers.

The heating pad can be easily altered to suit size of plastic containers.

Easily operated sealing pad. It does not require any cumbersome adjustments for different sizes of plastic containers

Effortness compressions spring pressing device/lever during the heating and sealing operations

Easy location of plastic container underneath the heating pad

Operation instruction  

The operation of the machine is very simple as it does not require special skill. On keeping the plastic container on the base plate/platform, the container along with the plug /diaphragm is pressed against the heating pad by the action of compression spring lever/handle

The Thermostat is first set 100 c and is slowly lowered upto70 c or according to the thickness of the plastic plug/diaphragm to heat sealed

Any heat transfer paper i.e., butter paper/cellophane paper/Teflon cloth is first placed on the plastic plug/diaphragm to ensure even heat sealing of the same

Floor Size : 15" x 13" x 28"
Weight : 23 Kg

Portable Bag Closer (bag stitching)  

Ideal for closing bags for agricultural products animal feeds, fertilizer chemicals, flour etc. Robust Construction and safety design, trouble free continuos automatic thread cutting for Kraft paper cotton hessian plastics and other bag materials.
Portable bag closer is simple to use. All the operations are done by single finger work. Just hold the machine in one hand and the bag in the other. With a light touch of the switch, the closer starts working quite smoothly. Operator is only to guide it. Thread cutting is done buy the automatic cutter.

Portable Bag Closer

5 - 8 Sec/bag
Stitch length
7.2 mm (3.5 per inch ) fix
DN x 1 - # 25
5.3 Kg (12 lbs.) with thread
22 Kg App.
Drive motor
60W 50/60 Hz, 1 - ph. 220v or 240v

Shrink Wrapping Tunnels    

Suitable to shrink PVC, LDPE or any Shrinkable material. Product protection. Economy greater product appeal convenience for handling. Put your products into sealing bag manually then convey into shrink tunnel to finish the packing. It is possible for any type of wrapping. Machine can be moved on castors. Different models are available according to size of products.

Shrink wrapping Tunnels
NP 100/100
NP 200/200
NP 300/200
NP 300/250
NP 500/400
Travel time
15 sec
15 sec
15 sec
15 sec
15 sec
Pack size (W x H)
4" x 4"
8" x 8"
12" x 8"
12" x 10"
20" x 16"
150 C
Tunnel window covering
Asbestos sleeves/ cloth
Asbestos sleeves/ cloth
Asbestos sleeves/ cloth
Asbestos sleeves/ cloth
Asbestos sleeves/ cloth
Body structure
M.S. Angle/ sheet
M.S. Angle/ sheet
M.S. Angle/ sheet
M.S. Angle/ sheet
M.S. Angle/ sheet
Epoxy coating
Epoxy coating
Epoxy coating
Epoxy coating
Epoxy coating
Dimensions (L x W x H)
900 x 350 x 650
1200 x 450 x 1050
1350 x 500 x 1075
1525 x 610 x 1110
1525 x 700 x 1110

Variable speed of conveyer possible by charging RS. 10,000/- extra

Operation :    

The machine starts when is turned ON

Start the conveyer by turning the conveyer switch

Put the heater switch ON.

Set the Thermostat at around 170 C for initial heating. The moment it is reached, adjust it to the temperature required for the shrink material in use

Turn the blower switch ON

Products are loaded by hands in one or several rows into the machine. The Sleeved packs travels through the Shrink Tunnel where hot air causes the film to Shrink and conform to the contours of the contents

The tunnel is equipped with heating units and a powerful blower for the air circulation. In order to obtain an effective shrinking, the air is blown evenly distributed around the product. By the means of regular, temperature is set or adjusted to adopt to the shrinking properties of the film.

Maintenance :

With Neatpac, Downtime is minimized & costly special skills are not required.

Requires only normal care & cleaning for basic maintenance. Don't use any wet material.

Shrink wrapping chamber  

It is a low budget chamber drawer type use to shrink PVC Shrinkable Film, different models are available depending on the size of products.

Specificaton :
NP 150
NP 225
Inner dimension(H x W x D)
6" x 16" x 20"
9" x 16" x 20"
Pack size (H x W x D)
140 x 375 x 405 mm
215 x 375 x 405mm
Power requirement
Power supply
230v Single phase
230v single phase
100 cycle/hr
100 cycle/hr
Outer dimension (H x W x D)
975 x 675 x 975mm
975 x 675 x 975mm
100 Kg
120 Kg

L - Sealer  

Ideal for non standard packs of varying dimensions. Sealing and cutting length of our standard models

Specificaton :
12" x 12"
12" x 21
16" x 24"
20" x 25"
12" x 15"
16" x 16"
16" x 28
20" x 30"
12" x 18"
16" x 20"
20" x 20"
20" x 35"

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